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The story of Nyi Roro KidulAt a time , there lived a beautiful princess named Kadita . Because of her beauty , she was called Dewi Sunrise which means beautiful sun . Sunset Goddess was the son of King Munding fragrance . Although the king has a beautiful daughter , she is always sad because he actually always wished to have a boy . The king was then married to Goddess Pearls , and get the son of the marriage . So , bahagialah king.Dewi Mutiara wanted her son later became king , and he was trying to make his wish come true . Then Goddess Pearls come in before the king , and requested that the king sent his daughter away from the palace . Of course the king refused . " It is ridiculous . I'm not going to let anyone who wants to act rude to my daughter , "said King Munding fragrance . Hearing that answer, Dewi Mutiara smiled and said sweetly to him the king was no longer angry . But even so , he still intends to fulfill his desire .In the morning , before sunrise , Dewi Mutiara sent her maid to call a shaman . He wanted to condemn Kadita shaman , his stepson . " I want a beautiful body full with scabies and itching . If you succeed , then I will give a reward that you never imagined before . " Obey shaman queen. In the evening , the body Kadita been met with scabies and itching . When she woke up , she realized her body and filled with foul-smelling ulcers . The beautiful princess cried and did not know what to do .When the king heard this, he became very sad and invited many physician to cure his daughter . He realized that his daughter's illness was not reasonable , somebody must have been condemned or mengguna - gunainya . The problem becomes more complicated when the Queen Dewi Mutiara forced him to expel his daughter . " Your daughter will bring bad luck for the whole country , " said Dewi Mutiara . Because King did not want his daughter into gossip across the country , eventually he was forced to agree to a proposal to send her daughter Queen Pearl out of the country .The poor princess went alone , not knowing where to go . He can hardly cry anymore . He does have a noble heart . He does not hold a grudge to his stepmother , instead he always asked God to suffer him on ..Almost seven days and seven nights he walked until we came to the Southern Ocean . He looked at the ocean . The water is clean and clear , unlike other oceans where the water is blue or green . He jumped into the water and swim . Suddenly, when the waters of the Southern Ocean that touches the skin , a miracle happened . His wound was gone and there was no sign that he had scabies or hives . Instead , she became more beautiful than before . Not only that , now he has the power to govern the whole Southern Ocean . Now he became a fairy called Nyi Roro Kidul or Queen of the Southern Ocean Coast live forever .Queen of South Kanjeng = Ratna SuwindaBabad Tanah Jawi is the ( 19th century ) , a prince of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran , Joko Tell , met a hermit who instructed him to find the kingdom of Majapahit in East Java . Because of the hermit is a beautiful young woman , Joko Tell fell in love with him . But the hermit who turned out to be the aunt of Joko Tell , named Ratna Suwida , reject his love . When young , Ratna Suwida exile to meditate on a hill . Then he went to the south coast of Java and become the spiritual ruler there . He said to the prince , if prince offspring become rulers in the kingdom which is located near Mount Merapi , he would marry the whole ruler alternately .The next generation , Panembahan Senopati , founder of Mataram Kingdom 2nd , retreated to the South Coast , to collect all the energy , in an effort to prepare for a military campaign against the northern kingdom . Meditation draw attention Kanjeng Ratu Kidul and he promised to help . For three days and three nights he learned the secrets of war and government , and love intrigues in the palace under the water , until finally emerging from Parangkusumo Sea , South of Yogyakarta now . Since then , Queen of South reportedly closely linked to the ruling Senopati descent , and offerings presented to him in this spot every year through representatives of Solo and Yogyakarta palace .That's two stories or legends about Kanjeng Ratu Kidul , or Nyi Roro Kidul , or Queen of the South Coast . The first version is taken from the book Folklore of Yogyakarta and the second version contained in the Babad Tanah Jawi . Both of these stories are different , but you do not get confused . You do not need to bother to choose, which of the two is most correct . The stories above are just a pengatar for the next article .Kanjeng Queen of South and Yogyakarta PalaceDo you believe the stories about Kanjeng Ratu Kidul or Nyi Roro Kidul , or Queen of the South Coast ? Most of you will probably say NO . But try to ask them who live in the era of Sultan Palace or the environment . They were convinced by the truth of this story . Truth be Queen of South Kanjeng story is still being debated . But regardless of the polemic , there is a real phenomenon , that mythical Queen of South does have relevance to the existence of Yogyakarta Palace . The relationship between Kanjeng Ratu Kidul with the Yogyakarta Palace is not listed in the Babad Tanah Jawi ( the story of the Queen of South Kanjeng above , second version ) . What kind of relationship that exists between them ?Y. Argo Twikromo Queen of South in his book mentions that the community is a community tradition that emphasizes harmony , the harmony and balance of life . Because life is not separated from the surrounding natural environment , the functioning and interpret the natural environment is very important.As a reciprocal communication relationship with the environment according to the Java community has a stronger force , according Twikromo , then the use of the symbol was often actualized . While connected to the spirits , then Javanism familiar spirits ruler as ruler of Mount Merapi , authorities Lawu , Kayangan nDelpin , and the South Seas . Ruler of the South Seas is what the Javanese call Kanjeng Queen of South . The ruler of the fourth round of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta . And to achieve harmony , harmony and balance in society , then the king should hold communication with " spirits " is.According Twikromo , for the king to communicate with the Queen of South Java is one of inner strength in managing the country . As a visible compaction force ( invisible to the eye ) , Queen of South Kanjeng blessing should be held in a day-to- day activities to gain salvation and peace .Confidence in the Queen of South actualized well . At the harbor activities , for example , a traditional ceremony held in the palace by the sea in the south of Yogyakarta , which is held every birthday of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono , according to calculations Saka year ( in Java ) . The ceremony is intended for the public welfare and the sultan of Yogyakarta .Trust in Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is also manifested through sexual intercourse and Bedaya dance Bedaya Semang held to honor and commemorate the Queen . Other evidence is the establishment of a building in the complex of Taman Sari ( Water Palace at the Bottom ) , approximately 1 mile west Ngayogyakarta Palace , called the Well Gumuling . The place is believed to be the meeting place of the Queen of the South Coast with the sultan , Kanjeng Queen of South .Queen of South appreciation Kanjeng myths are not just believed and implemented by the palace alone , but also by the general public in the region of the empire . One proof is the belief that if people are lost in Parangtritis , then that person is lost because of " taken " by the Queen .In addition Ngayogyakarta Palace , Queen of South Kanjeng myth is also believed by their brother , Kraton Surakarta Sultanate. In the Babad Tanah Jawi is mentioned that the Queen of South Kanjeng never promised to Panembahan Senopati , the first ruler of the kingdom of Mataram , to keep the Mataram kingdom , the sultan , the royal family , and society from harm. And because both the palace ( Yogyakarta and Surakarta ) have a common ancestor ( Mataram Kingdom ) , as well as the Sultan of Yogyakarta , Surakarta is also implementing various forms of their appreciation to Kanjeng Queen of South . One of them is the most sacred dance performances in the palace , Bedoyo Ketawang , which is held annually on the occasion of the coronation of kings . Nine dancers dressed in traditional Javanese wedding invites Queen of South to come and marry His Majesty , and said to the Queen then magically appear in the form of visible shimmering dancers tenth .

  confidence of nyi roro kidul, was also extends to the area of West Java . You must have heard that there is a special room ( number 308 ) on the top floor of Ocean Beach Hotel , Pelabuhan Ratu , which is specially presented to Queen of South . Anyone who wants to meet the Queen , could go into this room , but had to go through an intermediary who presents an offering for the Queen . Specialization of this room is one of the symbols ' occult ' used by former president Sukarno .

Until now , in the very modern , Kanjeng legend of Ratu Kidul or Nyi Roro Kidul , or Queen of the South Coast , is the most spectacular legend . Even when you read this story , many people from Indonesia or other countries acknowledge that they have met a beautiful fairy queen dressed in traditional Javanese . One person who reportedly also been witnessed directly form the Queen is the master painters of Indonesia, ( deceased ) Affandi . That experience then pour it in a painting .

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